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Fic: Hands Over Heart

Title: Hands Over Heart
Author: jesse
Pairing or character(s): Nicolas Rathe/Philip Eslingen
Rating: Mature
Wordcount: ~1300
Summary: We rarely see ourselves as others see us.

Link to story at AO3:  http://archiveofourown.org/works/4598613

Yuletide signups open!

Just a heads-up to everyone that sign-ups for Yuletide, the small fandom gift exchange, have now opened. Points and Death by Silver are both nominated this year. (ETA: And also A Choice of Destinies.) If there are other nominated Melissa Scott fandoms that I missed, drop a comment here and I'll amend the post.

For information about how to sign up for Yuletide, check out yuletide_admin, the Yuletide community for official announcements. There's also yuletide, where non-announcement posts can be found, including such useful things as a spreadsheet with links to people's requests (so you can see what requests have been made in which fandoms).

Yuletide nearly always produces some great fic for Melissa Scott's novels. I hope some of you decide to participate.


Fair's Point - published!

Hope you don't mind me jumping in, but no one seems to be mentioning this anywhere, even mescott, and I know there's at least two of us who are really excited about it (thanks to jessebee for the heads-up in the first place). Fair's Point is published! It's available! It's apparently been dispatched from Amazon.com (US) on pre-order, and I've ordered it from Bookdespository (UK) and been promised it's arrival in 72 hours.

I've always found the Points books available fastest in the UK through Book Depository. The link will take you to the book, though without the cover and not coming up clearly in a search (ack - hope they fix that!). It's also available at Amazon.com (same time-delay) - though oddly I've never been able to get the new Points books through Amazon.co.uk, though the other three come up as available now (Amazon.co.uk seems to use its BookDepository outlet for them when they're first published).

Hopefully there'll be just time for a re-read of the first three books before my copy arrives. Hooray!



Less than 48 hours remain to sign up for Yuletide! Yuletide is the yearly small fandom fanfic exchange, and it nearly always produces some new stories for Points and other Melissa Scott fandoms. This year someone seems to have nominated just about every book Scott ever published, so if you've been dying for a Mighty Good Road story, this is your chance to ask for one.

Sign-ups close at 6 pm US Eastern Daylight Time on Monday. If you miss the deadline or don't want to formally sign up, you can volunteer to write a pinch hit; see yuletide_admin for details.


Two short fics, post- "Point of Dreams"

Two short fanfics, for your (hopefully) reading pleasure.  I've not posted here before, nor to LJ in a while, so please let me know, if something's not quite right. ;-)

Title: Still Of The Night
Author: jesse
Pairing or character(s): Nicolas Rathe/Philip Eslingen
Rating: Mature
Summary: Sleep is an uncertain thing


Title: Afternoon Respite
Author: jesse
Pairing or character(s): Nicolas Rathe/Philip Eslingen
Rating: Mature

Summary: Saying things with furniture


Point of Dreams reissue

I was just on Amazon and they're showing a new cover for Point of Dreams and advertising a release date of March 13, 2013 for the new paperback. Kindle edition now available, sans artwork.

I could be dreaming, but I don't think this was up before Christmas.

Character nominations for Yuletide

I'm planning to nominate the Points series, Nicolas Rathe and Philip Eslingen as characters, for Yuletide. This gives me two available character slots; if anyone has preferences I'll happily add them.


Melissa Scott and Lisa Barnett used to have a website specifically for the Points books; one of the things it featured was a deleted scene from the beginning of Point of Dreams in which Philip accompanies Caiazzo to the theater to see The Drowned Island. The website, alas, has gone to the great server in the sky. But with Melissa Scott's permission, I am posting the deleted scene here for everyone's enjoyment.

Just to repeat for the sake of absolute clarity: this is not fanfic. I did not write it; Scott and Barnett wrote it. Its awesomeness is their doing.

Scene below the cut, along with Scott and Barnett's original introductory note from their website.Collapse )

Point of Knives Cover

Melissa Scott has just posted the cover for Point of Knives (which should be out in March!) on her LJ. It looks great.


Yuletide nominations planning post

The Yuletide nominations tutorial for nominating under this year's new rules has gone up. Since members of this community may be interested in nominating Points or other of Scott's works, I thought it might be a good idea to have a planning post here.

I will definitely be nominating Points, with my four character nominations being Nicolas Rathe, Philip Eslingen, Istre b'Estorr, and Hanselin Caiazzo.

If that's what you were going to nominate, consider it already done and feel free to nominate something else. However, if you want to request a Points story about Coindarel, or Aicelin Denizard, or Gavi Jhirassi, or anyone but the four characters I'm nominating, you will have to nominate Points yourself along with the characters you want. Characters who aren't specifically nominated can't be specifically requested, and no one is allowed to add characters to a fandom they haven't nominated. (NB: If you want to request, say, Eslingen/Coindarel, you do not need to re-nominate Eslingen. So nominate another character you'd like included or you think someone else might want to request.)

If you're planning to nominate different characters in Points, or to nominate another of Scott's books, I encourage you to comment here letting everyone know. That way people can plan and get the most out of their three nominations.