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Fair's Point - published!

Hope you don't mind me jumping in, but no one seems to be mentioning this anywhere, even mescott, and I know there's at least two of us who are really excited about it (thanks to jessebee for the heads-up in the first place). Fair's Point is published! It's available! It's apparently been dispatched from (US) on pre-order, and I've ordered it from Bookdespository (UK) and been promised it's arrival in 72 hours.

I've always found the Points books available fastest in the UK through Book Depository. The link will take you to the book, though without the cover and not coming up clearly in a search (ack - hope they fix that!). It's also available at (same time-delay) - though oddly I've never been able to get the new Points books through, though the other three come up as available now ( seems to use its BookDepository outlet for them when they're first published).

Hopefully there'll be just time for a re-read of the first three books before my copy arrives. Hooray!
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