when regiment is gone (kindkit) wrote in astreiant,
when regiment is gone

Yuletide signups open!

Just a heads-up to everyone that sign-ups for Yuletide, the small fandom gift exchange, have now opened. Points and Death by Silver are both nominated this year. (ETA: And also A Choice of Destinies.) If there are other nominated Melissa Scott fandoms that I missed, drop a comment here and I'll amend the post.

For information about how to sign up for Yuletide, check out yuletide_admin, the Yuletide community for official announcements. There's also yuletide, where non-announcement posts can be found, including such useful things as a spreadsheet with links to people's requests (so you can see what requests have been made in which fandoms).

Yuletide nearly always produces some great fic for Melissa Scott's novels. I hope some of you decide to participate.
Tags: ficathons
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