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Points fic fest?

As you may have heard, Melissa Scott is working on a novella called Point of Knives, which will be set in the gap between Point of Hopes and Point of Dreams and will at last answer the burning question of how Nico and Philip got together.

Which makes me wonder if there's any interest in a fic fest that would focus on that period, so we could all have one last fanficcy fling before we get jossed?

I was picturing a prompt-claims sort of fest, possibly with assigned posting dates, possibly with just a posting week or two. As far as timing, I thought we could start in mid-January, after people have recovered a bit from NaNo and Yuletide.

Stories would have to be mostly set between PoH and PoD, but there'd be no other restrictions. You could write about any character, any scenario. I certainly would anticipate lots of prompts about the Nico/Philip romance, but it'd be great to have other kinds of stories as well.

I can't do a poll in this community, so could you drop a comment here to let me know if you think you'd be interested? Expressing interest doesn't commit you to anything.


Melissa Scott offerings at helpthesouth

Melissa Scott has announced that she's going to be offering several fabulous things for charity auction via helpthesouth. The one that's currently available for bidding is a professional critique of your original sff manuscript (original only; no fanfiction). Her post notes that she'll be listing some more stuff soon, including "a chance for you or your dog to appear in one of the upcoming Points books."

So cool. And a great cause. I hope there'll be lots of generous bids!


more Points novels

Melissa Scott has just posted to her LJ saying that she's in negotiations to publish another Points novel and a novella set between the first two books (i.e. during the beginning of Rathe and Eslingen's relationship, which fans have often wished to see explored).

*is dead of squee*


Fic: "Harmonics"

Title: Harmonics
Author: penknife
Fandom: Roads of Heaven
Pairing: Denis Balthasar/Julian Chase Mago/Silence Leigh
Rating: NC-17
Summary: An unstable tone combination is a dissonance; its tension demands an onward motion to a stable chord. -- Roger Kamien
Notes: Written for whatsubtext in Yuletide 2010.



Yuletide, the small fandoms ficathon, will be opening for sign-ups tomorrow. Three Melissa Scott fandoms have been nominated this year: Points, Roads of Heaven, and The Game Beyond. In previous years Yuletide has fostered a lot of great fic (the majority of Scott fanfic has been written for Yuletide, in fact); let's keep that excellent tradition going this year!

Full information about how Yuletide works can be found here on the website and here on the Yuletide LJ community for official announcements. Signups and posting this year will be done on An Archive of Our Own). AO3 invite codes will be made available to anyone signing up for Yuletide; in fact, I have a few to share if anyone wants them.


Melissa Scott's new LiveJournal

I just learned that Melissa Scott now has a LiveJournal for discussing her writing projects: mescott. There's a post here summarizing the projects she has in the works, all of which sound very interesting.


review/rec of PoH/PoD

Today I posted a review/recommendation of Point of Hopes and Point of Dreams at lgbtq_recs. Anyone reading astreiant probably doesn't need the recommendation, but discussion is also welcome. Note that my post focuses on LGBTQ issues because that's the point of the lgbtq_recs community.


FIC: "Cusp" (Rathe/Eslingen, all ages)

Title: Cusp
Author: kindkit
Fandom: Points novels
Pairing: Rathe/Eslingen
Rating: All ages
Warnings: None needed
Word count: 500
Summary: Between the ending and the beginning.
Notes: This was written for kiwisue as part of the help_haiti fundraiser; she asked for something about uncertainty and that "now what?" feeling. It's set a few hours after the end of Point of Hopes. Crossposted at my LJ and rarelitslash; my apologies if you see it more than once.

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Points stories at Yuletide

In case you missed it, there were two Points of Hopes/Point of Dreams stories written for Yuletide this year:
Adjustments by TigerKat (I don't know this author's LJ identity, if any; the person with that username on LJ seems to be someone else)

Cherry Without Any Stone by sineala
I looked for other Melissa Scott fandoms and didn't see any; if I missed anything, please let me know.

I'll be adding these new stories to the master list right after I post this.


possible TV tie-in novel by Melissa Scott

On her blog, Melissa Scott has announced that she, Jo Graham (author of Black Ships and Hand of Isis), and Meg Burden (author of the YA fantasy novel Northlands) have signed the first two contracts for a possible six-book TV tie-in series.

She's not yet able to reveal what the TV show is, but promises more information soon.

This will be the first new novel from Scott since Point of Dreams in 2001. I'm looking forward to it, and I hope that whatever show it is allows her to include lesbian, gay, and bisexual characters.