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a Point of Hopes fan community

a Melissa Scott fan community
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This is a fan community for the Astreiant series and other novels by Melissa Scott.
This is a community for fans of Point of Hopes and Point of Dreams, by Lisa A. Barnett and Melissa Scott. Feel free to post discussion and fanworks of all types (fic, art, icons, vids if you can work out how to vid a novel). Discussion and fanworks related to Melissa Scott's other novels are also welcome. Posts that are only tangentially related to the books (you met someone who looks just like your mental image of Nico; you named your new dog Eslingen) are off-topic and will be deleted.

Should debate arise, please be civil. Your mod has a banhammer and will use it if necessary.

When posting fic or art, use the following header or something similar:

Pairing or character(s):
Warnings (if any):
Notes (if any):

All fics and fanart must be placed behind an LJ-cut (except for the header); icon posts may display three "teaser" icons above the cut.

Please tag your entries according to type (discussion, art, etc.) and, if applicable, genre (gen, het, slash f/f, slash m/m). All community tags are listed in the sidebar. If you think the community needs a new tag, let me know.

Hopefully no additional rules will be necessary. We're all here to share the love for some great books, right?

In case of difficulties or questions, send me an e-mail: kindkit AT livejournal etc.
a choice of destinies, alternate history, astreiant, b'estorr, burning bright, caiazzo, canonically gay characters, conceiving the heavens, denis balthasar, dreaming metal, dreamships, eslingen, fantasy, five-twelfths of heaven, hanselin caiazzo, imre vaughn, istre b'estorr, julian chase-mago, lisa a. barnett, melissa scott, mighty good road, nicolas rathe, night sky mine, philip eslingen, point of dreams, point of hopes, proud helios, rathe, reverdy jian, roads of heaven, science fiction, shadow man, shapes of their hearts, silence in solitude, silence leigh, slash, the armor of light, the empress of earth, the game beyond, the garden, the jazz, the kindly ones, trouble and her friends